Trailblazing by Allena Gabosch, Volume IV

Trailblazing, a descriptive introduction  essay article by Allena Gabosch;

As a repeat member of the jury for 12 Inches of Sin, I am constantly thrilled and amazed by the quality of work, particularly the encapsulation of creativity and the sheer sexiness encapsulated into such a small package. The last three years have just been breathtaking and this year’s submissions are equally impressive.

When the Seattle Erotic Art Festival made its leading edge debut thirteen years ago, there were few opportunities for erotic artists to showcase their work. Erotic art was in fact ghettoized, and hidden. This meant that hundreds, if not thousands of artists were unable to truly fulfill their artistic vision.

However, it turns out that the Seattle Erotic Art Festival was just the fortuitous beginning of a series of innovations that would bring erotic art into the mainstream.

During the early years of the Seattle Festival, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know Dr. Laura Henkel. Laura was instrumental in many ways to the success of the Festival and soon became one of the most prominent advocates for erotic art in the United States. When she opened the award winning Sin City Gallery, she created one of the few art galleries focused on the erotic. Artists no longer had to wait for the handful of festivals and exhibitions to premiere their work. Finally, there was a new sexy venue in Las Vegas, the city renown for its propensity for challenging boundaries and the allure of scandal. In addition to her revolutionary gallery, the always inventive and trailblazing Laura also produced other important events, happenings, and opportunities that foster the community of erotic artists. One of the most ingenious to date is this fantastic juried exhibition 12 Inches of Sin.

For those of you who are unable to get to Las Vegas to view these incredible works in person, Laura has made it possible for you to enjoy 12 Inches of Sin by creating exquisite books.

Art books are not just a venue for finding art to purchase; rather they are a way to have a vignette of art at one’s fingertips. I want to thank Laura for her visionary sense of purpose, and I look forward to the continued innovative and success of the wonderful series 12 Inches of Sin.

~ By Allena Gabosch, Founder and Producer, The Seattle Erotic Art Festival