1. What is in it for me?

12 Inches of Sin is now in its seventh year and we have established a creditable reputation. 12 Inches of Sin and its curator, Sin City Gallery, provides opportunities to exhibit, market and generate sales.

2. How is the competition juried?

Judges are respected experts in their specialized industry.  In total, 12 judges review online submissions and judge each submission based on individual merit.   Judges award high to low number scores to each artwork.  Scores of each juror are tabulated together to determine the Best in Show and Invited Artists.

3. Why a minimum of three images to enter 12 Inches of Sin? 

It is the desire of 12 Inches of Sin to maintain the highest level of excellence for the exhibition.  When an artist submits three works of art (or more), it provides Judges the opportunity to determine skill, aesthetics and originality.

4. Is it possible to submit additional images after the initial three are submitted?

Yes, you may submit additional images and may submit a total of 12 images in total.

5. How do I submit a video?

If you are unable to submit a video thru the Entry Form, please complete the form, pay fees and send a link of the video to Sin City Gallery at drlaura@sincitygallery.com.  

6. How long can the video be?

The video may be up to 3 minutes. HINT: Less is more!  Audiences have a short attention span.

7. What about framing?

Framing is a lovely way to present your artwork. Do not spend too much money on framing as your exhibition piece will be priced according to market values based upon your art.  It is not fair to pass costs of framing to potential buyers. It is not unusual for buyers to change framing upon purchase.  Do not present your art in a cheap frame as that is a reflection upon the value you place on your art.  All framed artworks must have a sturdy wire hanging hardware for easily installation. Please do not hesitate to ask 12 Inches of Sin’s curator, Sin City Gallery, their opinion for framing.  

8. How will the competition winners be notified?

All Artists will be notified of the results by email and the following websites:  www.12ofsin.com and www.sincitygallery.com.

9. Are exhibition catalogs available?

12 Inches of Sin’s Kickstarter hardcover art catalogs, Volumes I-V, are currently available online through our website and Amazon.  

A new series of catalogs I-VII will soon be available.

10. How can I change or modify an image previously submitted?

Once an image is submitted into the competition, it cannot be changed, replaced or modified.  

11. Why is there a processing fee?

Paypal charges a processing fee and we pass those fees onto you. 

12. Can I get a refund for my entries?

No, all sales are final.

13. How can I change or modify an image previously submitted?

Once an image is submitted into the competition, it cannot be changed, replaced or modified.  

14. Need additional help?

Please contact Sin City Gallery at drlaura@sincitygallery.com.

15. When will judging take place?

Due to the recent political climate in the United States and its impact to our foreign neighbors, 12 Inches of Sin will be supporting the international arts community by postponing this year’s international juried art exhibition and festival. As 12 Inches of Sin has received submissions from artists in 26 countries, we recognize that the juried art exhibition depends on international participation.

In lieu of submissions this year, we are giving away 12 Inches of Sin hardcover catalogs for FREE.  100 catalogs are available from each volume, Volumes I – IV.  We believe these catalogs are the best way to support all artists during this time, as well as stimulate politics that supports the Modern Provocateur Manifesto.

A date will be announced for judging.  For those who choose to support us and desire to submit their art for consideration, 12 Inches of Sin will post your entries online for our patrons to enjoy while we determine a final date for 12 Inches of Sin VIII.

Thank you for being a part of 12 Inches of Sin!

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