12in Vol 1 Digital Book

12 Inches Vol 1 Digital Book


Volume I features artists from United States, Lebanon, Poland, Israel, Uruguay, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.


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Product Description

Does size really matter? It is said there are two types of people in the world: size queens and liars. For 12 Inches of Sin, the Sin City Gallery’s inaugural provocative art exhibition juried by an eclectic group of academics, perverts, and academic perverts handpicked by prominent erotologist Dr. Laura Henkel, both size and content are the organizing principles.  Attempting to maximize usage of the intimate gallery space, the size constraint for submissions assured there could be a greater number of accepted and exhibited works at Las Vegas’ premiere gallery of erotic art. An equal division of the foot—itself a common fetish object— 12 Inches is a sly allusion to that length to which many aspire, but few attain. Sex, like life, is a game of inches, and so is its depiction in the surprising and remarkable works in this catalogue. ~ Henry Rosenthal



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