12 Inches of Sin V

12 Inches of Sin

Kei Kusuma (Indonesia), The Spoiled Ram, Ink on Paper, BEST IN SHOW

Ali Fathollahi (Iran/USA), Touch, Assemblage: Antique Telegraph, Resin, Metal and Ink

Anne Davis Mulford (USA), Miss Behaving, Ceramic

Dustin Yager (USA), Minneapolis Boys Cycle: Jamie, Porcelain and Gold Luster

Eric Wallis (USA), Open to Suggestions, Oil on Board

John Hofstetter (Canada), Hippoltya 5, Porcelain and Metal

Karin Swildens (USA), Yearning, Clay High Fired, Stoneware with Iron Oxide

Michelle Mildenhall (United Kingdom), Hepburn, Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas

Nanda Sharifpour (Iran/USA), Taste of Pomegranates, Oil on Canvas

Nicola Filippo (USA), Alright Mr. DeMille, Collage: Mixed Media on Paper

Ron Geibel (USA), Golden, Porcelain and Gold Luster

Stewart Freshwater (USA), The Pecker and the Virgin, Pencil and Charcoal on Toned Paper


Think Tank ART (Germany), Bus Stop, Photography, BEST IN SHOW

Adrienne Fox (USA), Nude Cow, Photography

Gaspar Marquez (USA), Pink Tights, Photography

Gregory Brown (United Kingdom), Octopussy, Photography

Heather Firth (USA), Entranda Earth Erotica 19, Photography

Jeff Wack (USA), Head in Cloudes, Digital

Paedra (USA), Tongue, Photography

Patrick Lai (USA), Bound, Photography

Samarel (Israel), Golden Lover, Digital

Sebastian Rut (USA), Double Event, Photography

Sita Mae (USA), Room 311, Photography

Yongshin Jo (South Korea), Mandrake Body, Photography

Le Salon Des Refusés Du Péché

Azadeh Ramezani (Iran/Turkey), Chick, Mixed Media on Canvas

Bobby Pin (USA), Penis Van Gough, Photography

Chris Labine (USA), Wolfpack Six, Digital Collage

Coco (Netherlands), Tickle Attack, Digital

Diane Bush (USA), The Tease, Photography

Dick Steele (USA), C@ck Fil A, Digital Painting

D.‘Thana’ Thanaselvam(Malaysia), Embrace, Acrylic on Canvas

Monica Griffin (USA), Squidy, Acrylic on Canvas

Omayra Amador (USA), Hare It All, Watercolor and Graphite on Paper

Paul Butvilla (Canada), Swallows, Acrylic on Canvas

Shelbi Schroeder (USA), White 9, Fuji Instamax

Steven Baskin (USA), Cherry Sponge Cake, Assemblage Sculpture