12 Inches of Sin IV

12 Inches of Sin

Raymond Elstad (United States), Box Grid, BEST IN SHOW

Barbara Loveless (United States), Prophylactic Eden, Ink on Paper

Billy Pacek (United States), M.B.F., Wood Sculpture

CADOC (Canada), Ms. Marguerite Emprey 1950, Collage and MIxed Media on Paper

Chris Labine (United States), Trunked, Digital and Charcoal on Paper

Daniel Martinez (Uruguay), Deep Red Diamond, Oil on Canvas

Gregory Brown (United Kingdom), Naughty Corner, Photography

Hector Pineda (Mexico), Volatum Ergo Sum, Digital

Juan Ramiro Torres (United States), Red Character, Acrylic on Canvas

Michelle Delecki (United States), Caged Sin, Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Steve Bormes (United States), Sweet Mist, Assemblage: Antique Tin, Leather

Yousif Del Valle (United States), XXXYZ, Short Film

Le Salon Des Refusés Du Péché

Adrienne Fox (United States), Sex With Furniture, Photography

Ali Fatholahi (Iran-United States), Adolescence Transition in 2 Floor Dimensions, Mixed Media: Acrylics

Andy Frasheski (United States), Melon, Photography

Angela Meyer and Sara Stadther (United States), America’s Tastiest, Photography

Anja Meinders (Netherlands), Armklok, Photography

Bob Madden (United States), Well Hung, Marble Sculpture

Brandy Thomas (United States), Soft Body Mechanics, Digital

Brent Holmes (United States), Holiday House, Photography

Eric Wallis (United States), Hot Streak, Oil on Canvas

Farzaneh Rad (Iran), Untitled, Mixed Media Collage

Helm Rulfrok (New Zealand), Wet, Photography

Kim Johnson (United States), Sexy Beast, Graphite on Paper

Jean Louis Lassez (France-United States), Dream of the Gay Octopus, Digital

Jeff Wack (United States), Allure of the Fleeting, Mixed Media: Digital and Acrylic on Canvas

Krista Smith (United States), Megan Out of Shower, Oil on Wood Panel

Marshall Bradford (United States), Always Look on the Bright Side, Photography

Nancy Good (United States), Potent, Digital

Natassia Doubleoseven and Michael Edmonds (United States), Blackout, Photography

Nico Simon Princely (United States), Sexy in Blue, Photography

Nicola Filippo (United States), Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, Collage Mixed Media and Ink Additions

Paul Butvila (Canada), After the Bath, Acrylic on Canvas

Robert Babylon (United Kingdom), Blacklight Bumble Bee Legs, UV Photography

Samarel (Israel), Spoon Me, Digital

Same Source (United States), Objects of Ruin XXX, Photography

Scott Sandoval (United States), Pain and Pleasure, Steel Sculpture

Shelbi Schroder (United States), Shelbi, Fuji Instax Polaroid

Spencer Davis (United States), Unconditional, Assemblage: Resin and Wood

Stefan de Beer (Netherlands), Venus Trap, Assemblage: Metal, Wood, Urethane Plaster

Suzanne Shifflett (United States), Adventures of Red Heels, Oil on Board

Vincent Ramono (United States), Grinder, Photography