12 Inches of Sin III

12 Inches of Sin

JP Rakehorn (UK), Double Cross, Carbon, Chalk, Watercolor,Paper on Wood Panel BEST IN SHOW

Brent Holmes (USA), Oasis Motel I, Digital Photography on Paper

Curtis Joe Walker (USA), Baby Fat, Photography on Paper

Eric Wallis (USA), Packaged, Oil on Wood Panel

M.A. Louis-Jacques (USA), Cheers, Photography

Olivier Duhamel (New Zealand), Rosie-The Topology of the Torso, Laminated Plywood

Rahul Saha (USA), Just A Nibble, Photography on Paper

Rebekah Salazar (USA), Madonna and Snake, Cast Bronze, Silver and Patina

Same Source (USA), Aristotelian Sex, Digital

Thomas Acevedo (USA), Conjurer of Mara, Acrylic on Masonite

Valter Guevarra (USA), Open Wide, Watercolor on Paper

Vicki Leon (USA), Penetration, Glass

Le Salon Des Refusés Du Péché

Allan Maxwell (USA), He’s The One, Digital Photography on Paper

Alyssa Meiszinger (USA), Geisha, Watercolor and India Inks on Gouche

DebiLynn Fendley (USA), Uncover Me, Mixed Media on Paper

Don Chooi (New Zealand), Love Thyself, Ink on Paper

Gasper Marquez (USA), Woman With A Whip, Digital

Glen Watson (USA), Ouch, Digital

Helm Ruifrok (New Zealand), Shoes 4 U, High Fired Porcelain

Jean Lassez (USA), Le Voyeur, Digital Photography on Metal

Janusz Orechowski (Poland), Stars, Acrylic on Canvas

Jeff Wack (USA), Nyx, Digital Illustration and Acrylic on Canvas

Jim Biglan (USA), Bone, Ink on Paper

Jimmy Rhea(New Zealand), Steel High Heels, Steel Sculpture

Jindriska-Noewi (USA), On Fire, Oil on Board

Katie Holland (USA), Cook Dinner Topless, Acrylic on Wood Panel

Kei Kusuma (Indonesia), Banquet, Ink on Paper

Lilianne Milgrom (USA), Gatekeeper, Acrylic on Canvas

Marshall Bradford (USA), At Rest, Photography on Paper

Michael Peterson (USA), I’ve Been Naughty, Digital

Michele Serchuk (USA), Midori Legs, Photography on Paper

Michelle Mildenhall (UK), Cock It Is, Digital

Molly Marden (USA), Ready, Photography

Nicola Filippo (USA), Ballet Russes, Mixed Media Collage and Ink on Paper

Peter Tucker (USA), Untitled, Digital

Rainer Bartrams (USA), Chorus Line, Woodcut Block Prints

Robert Babylon (United Kingdom), UV Liquid Gold, UV Photography

Robert Frashure (USA), Colonial Holland, Digital

Robert Hunter (USA), Libido’s Imperative, Digital Illustration on Paper

Sita Mae (USA), The Other Woman, Photography on Paperr

Scott Sandoval (USA), Chastity, Steel Sculpture

Stewart Freshwater (USA), Woody in Search of Beaver, Charcoal on Paper

Susan Kaye Lee (USA), If Not, Almost, Mixed Media: Wood, Metal and Plaster

Samarel (Israel), Purple Red Love Hug, Digital

Zovinec Bros (Slovakia), Bride, Graphite on Paper