12 Inches of Sin II

12 Inches of Sin

Jeff Wack (USA), Oceana, Digital Illustration and Acrylic, BEST IN SHOW

Robert Babylon (UK), Bubbles, UV Photography

Marshall Bradford (USA), Rope Armor, Photography

Gregory Brown (UK), Figure of Eight, Photography

Stewart Freshwater (USA), Altered Nature, Graphite on Paper

Lindi Kirwin (UK), Round 1, Line Pen Pointillism on Paper

John Malloy (USA), America, Hand Painted Digital Print

Michelle Mildenhall(UK), Pleading, Latex on Latex

Jamie McCartney (UK), Internal Affairs, Cast Lead Crystal Glass Mold

Hector Pineda(Mexico), La Constelacion De Helios Hyperion

Raul Sasha (USA), Foot Fetish, Photography

S.M. Shifflett (USA), Bearded Lady, Oil-Rust and Resin on Board

Le Salon Des Refusés Du Péché

Michael Shores (USA), The Octopus, Collage on Paper

Eva Steil (USA), Fallen Fallen Babylon Has Fallen, Photography

Allan Teger (USA), Crane, Photography

Brandy Thomas (USA), The Swan, Digital Photography

Eric Wallis (USA), Panties and Pillows, Oil on Canvas

John Tisbury (UK), Your Rope Sir, Photography

Richard Young (USA), Atone, Photography on Metal

Joshua Levin (USA), Duchamp’s Second Chakra, Mixed Media Assemblage

JP Rakehorn (UK), Footsie, Paper With Watercolor, Ink, Charcoal, Carbon Pencil and Goache on Hand Made Paper

Hector Pineda (Mexico), Atrapasuenos, Mixed Media: Digital and Collage

Jim McCoy (USA), Untitled, Acrylic Paint Impression on Paper

Robert Babylon (UK), UV Pink Bits, UV Photography

Brett Austin (USA), Boy’s Monsters, Ink on Paper

Damon Hill (USA), Foot Fetish, Photography

Jacques Tange (Netherlands), The Recaptured Pussy, Acrylic on Canvas

Michelle Mildenhall (UK), Gaze, Latex on Latex

Patricia Pastore (UK), The Black Lady, Photography

Gary Mitchell (USA), Memories, Photography

Ryan St. Germain (USA), Waiting, Photography on Metal

Gregory Brown UK, Picture Perfact,Photograph

Eric Wallis (USA), Boys, Oil on Canvas

Scott Sandoval (USA), Forbidden Fruit, Stainless Steel Sculpture

Nanda Ines Drole (Slovenia), Sly Kurt Adam, Glazed Ceramics

John Tisbury (UK), Bondage Ballet #4, Photography