12 Inches of Sin I

Allan Teger (USA), Mountain Climbers, Photography, BEST IN SHOW

Ankha Desh (USA), Day At The Beach, Photography on Paper

CACOC (Canada), Femme 8, Ink on Paper

Dan Olek (USA), Field of Wheat, Hand Painted Photograph Print

Daniel Martinez (Uraguay), Forbidden Collection, Acrylic on Canvas

Debi Oulu (Israel), It’s An Acquired Taste, Assemblage: Condom, Glass, Resin

Doug Johns (USA), Transengenital Galactic Escargot Rider at Warp Speed with pet Schmeckel.

Edmond Bouclaous (Lebanon), The Brazilian, Hand Stitching on Linen

Erik Christiansen (Poland), Infindel 2, Oil on Canvas

Gary Mitchell (USA), Symmetry, Photography

JK Russ (New Zealand-USA), Lascivious Landscape, Paper Collage and Acrylic on Vinyl

JP Rakehorn (UK), MJ Vibe, Watercolor, Carbon, Chalk-Ink Wach and Pencil on Paper

Kai Eckhardt (Germany), Tasty, Photography

Natasha Gornik (USA), Devon in New York City, Photography

Nicola Filippo (USA), Coquette, Paper Collage and Ink Additions

Patricia Pastore (UK), Shadows On My Skin, Photography

Samarel (Israel), Enter My Mind, Digital Composite on Canvas

Scott Sandoval (USA), Aroused, Stainless Steel

Sharon Leong (USA), Geisha, Acrylic on Canvas

Susanne Forestieri (USA), Gigi, Oil on Canvas

Teresa Maharaj (USA), Thinking of You, Pencil on Paper