Supporting Artists

We do not normally have the opportunity to state how much we respect and appreciate the international artists who have participated in 12 Inches of Sin over the years. As 12 Inches of Sin has received submissions from artists in 26 countries, we recognize that the juried art exhibition depends on international participation.

We have had many conversations with international artists these past few months regarding the juried art exhibition.  Due to the recent political climate in the United States and its impact to our foreign neighbors, 12 Inches of Sin will be supporting the international arts community by postponing this year’s international juried art exhibition. 

Although we are postponing 12 Inches of Sin VIII international juried art exhibition this year, we are still accepting submissions and we are posting all submissions online for artists and patrons to enjoy.  Yes, this unusual for us to share our internal process, but we appreciate the artists who desire to support our endeavors this year. It also provides artists and patrons the opportunity to see how difficult it is for our Judges to choose one work of art to exhibit from an artist’s body of work when all their art is so damn good!  To see the submissions for 12 Inches of Sin III, please visit VIII Submissions.

In addition to posting submissions online, we are also giving away our 12 Inches of Sin hardcover catalogs for FREE.  We believe our art catalogs are the best way to support all artists during this time, as well as stimulate politics that supports the Modern Provocateur Manifesto. To receive a free catalog, please subscribe to our Newsletter/Mailing List.  

Thank you for being a Modern Provocateur and supporting 12 Inches of Sin!

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