Origin + Evolution

12 Inches of Sin international juried art exhibition was conceived at Sin City Gallery’s intimate venue in 2010.  Being that the gallery space was so small, 250 sqft in fact,  the gallery’s curator restricted the size of art to be 12 inches and under in order to exhibit more artwork in the gallery.  

The name of the juried art exhibition became ’12 Inches of Sin’ by combining the size restriction and the name of the gallery. Ultimately, Pandora’s box was opened and an untapped genre revealed. Erotic art submissions from all over the world were received.

In 2017, Sin City Gallery decided to close its brick and mortar location to explore new concepts in its programming.   In 2018, Sin City Gallery produced the 12 inches of Sin international juried art exhibition and festival at New Orleans Square, located inside the historic Commercial Center.  The immersive utilized vacant spaces within the 72,000 sqft complex to exhibition exceptional installations and site-specific art galleries.