Art Installation: Underside by Same Source, 12 Inches of Sin VII

I have been fortunate to have my work recognized more than once in the 12 Inches of Sin competition and to be invited to participate in the companion opening festival.  For 2018, I introduced my Underside series in the pop-up gallery I had during the festival weekend.  Underside is a fine art photography series of partially and fully underwater shots with nudes.  The style cues hail from midcentury Life magazine layouts with richly saturated colors that combine the traditions of fine art and spontaneous photojournalism.  I plan to continue this series and expand on it via a book with the purpose of having it exhibited in various galleries around the world.  
Hailing from Los Angeles where the art world can be intense, for me there was no better venue to test the reception of this work than 12 Inches of Sin, which attracts both serious art lovers and casual onlookers in an atmosphere where discussion thrives and creative expression is encouraged through the efforts of 12 Inches of Sin festival director, Dr. Laura Henkel, and her dedicated staff.  The 12 Inches of Sin competition and festival have become important traditions for artists around the world.
Photograph by JK Russ