Art Installation: Unapologetic by Zully Mejia, 12 Inches of Sin VII

I am a Fine Arts student at University of Nevada Las Vegas, currently finishing my third year of studies. My exhibition at 12 Inches of Sin VII was titled Unapologetic. This exhibition displayed paintings, drawings, and photographs of empowered women.

Some of the work exhibited included paintings from a portrait series titled Would You Like Fries With That?.  Each character portrayed in this series is not a real individual.   I paint my subjects in a neutral manner, omitting elements of​ storytelling by maintaining simple backgrounds and clothing. This is done in order to emphasize the theme of empowered women, rather than tell the story of an individual. I enjoy using both acrylic and oil paint within a work, depending on what the piece demands.

My exhibition also showcased some photography work. While I am new to photography, I enjoy the quickness of the medium and find it easier to express concepts through photography than through painting.  Being part of the 12 Inches of Sin event meant a lot to me.  Unapologetic was my first solo exhibition!  Everyone at Sin City Gallery was a pleasure to work with. Dr. Laura Henkel is a true supporter of the arts.  I am very grateful to her and to everyone who made this experience possible, and I look forward to seeing what 12 Inches of Sin VIII has in store!

Photograph by Eric Minh Swenson