Exhibition Categories

The annual juried exhibition presents a serious study of contemporary erotica and brings to the forefront new and imaginative formats for the exploration of sex, gender, fantasy, and love.  As all artworks are limited by the 12 inches limitation, this means careful consideration by each artist  requires a certain level of discipline due to the compression of space.  In many cases, a close examination of the artist’s aesthetic looms large in the imagination. This tininess is also a clever nod to the secretive status of erotica, and functions beautifully as a metaphor for the keyhole voyeur.

Twelve judges review all submitted artwork for the annual exhibition.  12 artists are invited to exhibit in the following categories: 12 Inches of Sin and Obscura. The Best in Show awardees for each category will be given an exclusive exhibition at Sin City Gallery.  

As the juried art exhibition has increased in popularity, there are a significant number of meritorious works from the art submissions.  Therefore,  Le Salon Des Refusés Du Péché created to showcase additional art submitted to the annual juried art exhibition.  This category is a curated by Dr. Laura Henkel.

In total, 36 works of art are selected to exhibit each year.


Swallows, Acrylic on Board, Paul Butvila (CA)

12 Inches of Sin

The 12 Inches of Sin exhibition embraces painting, collage, sculpture, drawing and all other mediums made by hand.  

Wet by Helm Ruik, 12 IV | Categories
Wet, Photography, Helm Ruik (NZ)


Obscura embraces photography, digital, video and all new technologies.

Cock Fil A, Digital Illustration, Dix Steele (USA)
Cock Fil A, Digital Illustration, Dix Steele (USA)

Le Salon Des Refusés Du Péché

All mediums are included in this category.